BRE Community Council Election Process

About Elections:

Individuals wishing to run for open positions should submit the School Community Council Candidate Form to Principal Adrienne Kennett by Tuesday, September 8, 2020. 

An election, if needed, will be held via myDSD voting system during the following voting window:

Voting Open: September 8, 2020-Septembere 16, 2020

*To access myDSD voting system, Bluff Ridge parents/guardians will go to myDSD and log on with guardian credentials. Parents/guardians will see notification of documents needing attention. A voting parent/guardian may change their vote at any time during the voting window but will only be allowed one vote. The myDSD voting system is anonymous and secure. Guardian accounts should be kept secure and private. Violation of voting procedures may disqualify a parent/guardian's vote or invalidate an election, or both.

The number of open seats for the 2020-2021 Community Council was greater than the number of applicants. The candidates ran uncontested. No election is required.