Drop Off Pick Up Procedures

Bluff Ridge Traffic Plan

Bluff Ridge Student Drop Off & Pick Up 

Parking Lot Procedures


Dear Parents and/or Guardians:

Thank you for the courteous way in which you drop off and pick up your students. We appreciate your attention to safety for students. Here are the procedures we expect everyone to follow:

South Side Bus Loop

1.   The bus loop is for our buses and students in Mrs. Carr’s and Mrs. Rich’s class only!

2.   We ask that you comply with this to ensure all of our students can make it to school on time. Thanks!

Front- East Side of School & South Side Bus Loop

1.   Please enter through the appropriate entrance. All entrances are ONE-WAY only. 

2.   Merge to the right for the loading/unloading lane next to the sidewalk.

3.   Pull your car all the way forward until you reach the car in front of you. There should be minimal space between cars.

4.   All students will exit vehicles next to the curb, onto the sidewalk.

5.   Please DO NOT stop in the drive thru lane, which is the left outer lane. This is considered double parking and unsafe for our students to exit a vehicle.

6.   The drive thru lane is for cars pulling all the way through and exiting.

7.   Once you have dropped off or picked up your student, safely merge back into the drive thru lane and exit the parking lot/bus loop.

8.   We ask that you do not have your students walk between cars at any time. All students in the parking lot must be accompanied by an adult. 

9.   If you need to watch your students enter the school, please find a parking stall.

Daily Parking while Visiting or Volunteering at School

•      There are parking stalls located right in front of the school allotted for our wonderful visitors and volunteers. You are also welcome to park in the north parking lot or along Bluff Ridge Drive.

•      Please DO NOT PARK in the fire lane (marked by a red curb) at any time. Violating this law could result in being issued a ticket from Syracuse Police. A driver must be always in a vehicle when it is waiting in a red curb area. 

•      We have over 700 families attending our school. Many of them are driving their students to and from school. Please use patience and be courteous to other Bluff Ridge families. Simple planning and alert drivers will continue to keep our Bluff Ridge students safe.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Bluff Ridge Administration